Tuesday, September 15, 2009

OpenSTC- Open Software Testing Course. It's FREE.

Hi All,

OpenSTC (Open Software Testing Course) is a free software testing 2 months course. We have been conducting this from 2004 and have trained more than 500 people.
It’s not just another software testing batch that covers just theory. OpenSTC is known for its case studies and real time examples that make you a better tester. The thinking aspect in software testing is emphasized more than just bookish knowledge.

Objective of OpenSTC:
Its our way of giving back to the society. Its our way of helping students and working professionals to find better career opportunities in software testing. Its our way of repaying back what we got from others during our struggling.
The mission of OpenSTC is to move from OPEN Software Testing Course to OPEN Software Training Course. Where we cover not just testing trainings but other training in software industry, including coding, databases, project management trainings, etc.

Course details:
Name: Open Software Testing Course
Duration: 2 months
Place: Aundh, City- Pune, Country:India
Next batch : Check for the updates on http://openstc.blogspot.com
Days: Twice a week - (Saturday- Sunday morning) 3 hours each session.

  • Graduate or Diploma holder (Or appearing last year )
  • Basic Computer programming knowledge
  • Clearing the written test.

Syllabus (OpenSTC- Manual Testing)

  • Testing Life Cycle
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Testing Objectives
  • The Principles of Testing
  • Test Planning
  • Test Case Design
  • Test Strategies
  • White Box Testing techniques
  • Black Box Testing Techniques
  • Types of Testing
  • Levels of Testing
  • Defect Management and Tracking

Test Automation will be covered for people who successfuly complete the Manual Testing course.
Written test covers
1. Testing basic theory (read first 5 chapters from Ron Patton book Software Testing)
2. C language basic concepts
3. SQL basic queries
4. Aptitude Test

Disclaimer: Please note that this course is conducted by working professionals with very tight and sometimes unpredictable work schedule so it’s not as formal as we wish it should be.

Please pass the message to your friends and relatives who are interested.
For any queries, send us email on openstc[at]gmail[dot]com with subject line as “Query regarding …….”

Join us
If you want to be a volunteer or a trainer and be part of this initiative then please send an email to openstc[at]gmail[dot]com and mention “Volunteer/Trainer: YOUR NAME EXPERIENCE COMPANYNAME” in the Subject line. We look forward for your participation and support.

Thanks with Love,
OpenSTC Team


  1. Please tell me now we are join this class today only.Please give me reply.

  2. Is i am able to give the Entrance Exam on 15th may 2010 ?
    i have missed first three entrances beacuse i was unknown about this course !
    pls rply..

  3. is the entrance test objective?

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For Queries send email to openstc[at]gmail[dot]com